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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a reservation at The Skyhouse, here are a few things to note during your stay. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you swim in the pool for an extended period be sure to check the pump in the waterfall and lift it up so the pump kicks in and the water does not overflow. We will demonstrate this during when you arrive.

  • There is automatic filtration between 11am and 5pm when the motor will be on.
  • To turn on the spa, use the “spa” switch on the rock next to the spa. It takes about 30-45 minutes to heat up. Please remember to turn off the spa after usage to conserve on propane.

The best water for drinking is the reverse osmosis water tap in the kitchen. The house water comes from a nearby well and is potable. The outside water, however, comes from the reservoir and is not potable. We ask that you please conserve on water usage and use your water wisely (i.e., do not leave the tap running when washing dishes or leave the faucet on while brushing teeth, take efficient showers, etc.).

Regarding dishwashing, the two dishwashers are very efficient, so it is actually better to use them than to hand wash. There is also a “green” wash option (the image of the leaf), which you can use to have them work more efficiently.

There is a small metal bin in the kitchen behind the sink for compost and there is another 5-gallon bucket on the deck. We ask that you use these for all food waste and that you please not throw it in the trash. In this way, wasted food can be converted into feed for plants as opposed to rotting in the dump. If the compost bucket becomes full, feel free to leave it at the flagpole across the bridge and we will empty it and return it to the same spot, clean and ready to refill.

There is a trashcan and a recycling bin in the garage. Trash is picked up early Friday morning. The recycling bin is the blue bin. Please sort your recycling from your trash. In the kitchen, there are two bins to use for this purpose. Recyclable items include glass, plastic, paper, and metal. They can be mixed together in the bin.

The freezer produces ice in a drawer in the left hand side of the freezer. If ice is not coming out, check the button on the top inside of the refrigerator to be sure the ice option for the freezer is selected.

Many of the light switches are touch sensitive and have switches on the sides and bottom to turn off completely. Hold your finger on the touch screen to regulate brightness level. Please be sure to turn off all outside lights each morning and all lights prior to checking out of the house.

To lock the living room doors lock the upper outdoor latch on the left door first, and then when locking the door from the inside, lift the right handle up in order to lock it. All the other doors lock normally.

There is no cable or satellite service so there is no television reception. However, to turn on the TV for DVD viewing, the switch is underneath the bottom left corner. There is also a Wii available for your use and can also be used for streaming video.

You are welcome to use the appliances inside the house, but please do not use the washer and dryer that are located in the garage, as they require a special kind of soap to function properly.

There is floor heating which will be turned on in the cold months, and usually heats the house very well. However, for extra heat, there are also heaters in each room. For a good temperature, have the heat dial pointed at the “E” letter of the “cooler” option – if you turn the dial all the way up, it will get rather warm and is rather inefficient.

During the hot summer months, the best means of cooling the house is to leave the two upper windows in the living room open. This gives good cross ventilation. The same goes for the bedrooms. We will usually have these living room windows (which are covered by wooden shades) open for temperature control. However, if you find that it gets too cool in the morning, those can be closed. There are also fans in the upper bedrooms, which can get warmer.

If you have trouble with the hot water, please call John at (805) 441-4348.

Enjoy the new propane Weber.

Be sure the flue is opened before lighting (to open, pull flue towards you).

There is a hiking trail loop that begins at the horse corral just below the house; follow the trail through the corral down the hill, then take a left on the path to the grassy slope where it connects to the main road back to the house.

This is a ranch, after all, so be aware of rattlesnakes, black widows, and ticks (note our Western lizards detoxify the ticks so the chance of contracting Lyme disease is very slight), when running around outside. In addition, you may be lucky to hear the coyotes singing to you at night; they are not to be feared, as they will not come close to the house. Another thing that is uncommon but can happen is that the raccoons get into the trash in the garage. To keep that from happening, be sure to keep the garage door closed. Finally, please drive slowly and use all of your mirrors while driving on the ranch, as there are animals and other people on the ranch property and we ask that you be very aware of your surroundings.

Please remember this is a working ranch – cattle have the right of way. Please also remember there are farm workers that will be on ATV’s – drive slowly and cautiously while exploring. Residents on other areas of the ranch prefer not to be disturbed.